Deploy Spring Boot application to Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Deploy Spring Boot application to Pivotal Cloud Foundry

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Oded Shopen

Published on Mar 17, 2018

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In this tutorial, I will guide you through setting up a working instance of a Spring Boot application on Pivotal Cloud Foundry. It was inspired by a tutorial I read, explaining how to deploy a Spring Boot app on OpenShift 3. While the article is well written, I couldn’t get over the fact that it requires a lot of boilerplate steps and configuration just to get a hello world up and running, so I thought I’ll clarify how simple it is on the other side of the fence.

Prepare a Spring Boot app

To deploy a Spring Boot application you need to have a compiled jar file.

As an example we can clone spring-boot-docker sample project. In the “complete” folder, you can build the project:

cd complete
./mvnw clean package

Make sure you have setup a free trial account with Pivotal Web Services at You have a 2gb ram limit and your application will not be shut down during the trial

  1. login to your PCF Cluster:

iMac5k:~ demo$ cf login -a

2. Run the cf push command:

iMac5k:target demo$ cf push spring-boot-docker-0.1.0 -p gs-spring-boot-docker-0.1.0.jar

You can check the app is running by going to Notice the application is protected by SSL/TLS by default:

That’s it, we’re done! If you want to learn about viewing your application in PWS apps manager, click here.

In this tutorial, I explained how to deploy a Spring boot application to Pivotal Cloud Foundry. I hope you found it useful, educating, and (hopefully…) amusing ;)

Good luck, and happy coding!

Oded Shopen

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